Ceramic Artworks by Anthony Torres


CERAMICS / Statement of Purpose by Anthony Torres


Currently, I am concerned with honing and refining my ceramic skill level.  This is an ongoing area of focus, which is central to my clay practice.  This means that I am concerned developing a high level of technical skill to facilitate improvisation in executing ideas I have for forms I want to create. This attainment of concrete knowledge(s) of the medium will allow me to execute the imagined forms and will enable me to work larger.


In general, I am interested in working in a continuum that moves between wheel thrown utilitarian objects and clay monoliths — both hand built and wheel thrown sculptural constructions.


As I envision the current work, I hope to achieve is a greater level of sophistication in the development of the work, so it is possible to play with and blur, delineations between utilitarian and sculpture forms, and do so through a practice that is self-referential in its articulation of the formal processes that constitute the vocabulary(s) specific to ceramics/clay.


Here, the construction of clay objects serves to address broader art historical issues within an expanded cultural dialogue, through a strategy of de-contextualizing and re-semanticizing the significance of the function, terms, and common sense associations that have formulated the discipline of ceramics.



Request for prices and/or exhibition offers should be sent to artvalues@earthlink.net


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