Anthony Torres, “Self-reflexive discourses in clay”, mixed media, 2013.

Anthony Torres is an independent writer, curator, and art appraiser. He has taught and has masters degrees in The History of Consciousness from U.C. Santa Cruz and the Art Education Department at Ohio State University. He has curated and traveled numerous exhibitions, organized symposia, delivered public talks, and published in Art Week, New Art Examiner, Art Papers, Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art, San Francisco Arts Quarterly, and other publications.

Additionally, Torres researched and wrote the Illustrated Chronology and the essay Negotiating Space: The Sketch Books for the book, Frank Lobdell: The Art of Making and Meaning (2003).

Anthony Torres can be reached at artvalues@earthlink.net

Editors note: This blog was first launched on April 27, 2013. Content is being added on a weekly basis.


Anthony Torres, April 27, 2013.


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  1. Would like to make contact with Anthony Torres. Friend of old.

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